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Innova® Longarm Quilting Systems - Machines

The Innova boasts many features which include most importantly the fastest motor, lowest maintenance, most reliable stitch quality, and best customer service available today in the Longarm quilting community. Other class leading standard features include both front and rear handle bars with start/stop controls, along with half stitch button and a selectable needle stop (up/dn) position. The Innova quilting machine has a rotary thread tensioner, and adjustable spring loaded hopping foot. Innova’s exclusive “Patented” spring loaded hopping foot is crucial in its design. 

Manufactured by ABM International, a three generation family owned and operated business near Houston Texas, the Innova® has been engineered to meet the most discerning quilter’s needs. Based on a long term commitment to excellence, ABM International offers a full array of high quality quilting machinery. The Innova®; our home quilting system, provides the best possible results whether you are a professional, competition, or home quilter. The Innova® comes in four sizes, 18”, 22”, 26”, and 32” complete with a solid professional grade frame designed for ease of use and longevity. Nearly a Century of quilting machine design, engineering and manufacturing experience have culminated in producing the Innova®, the highest quality longarm quilting machine available on the market today. The Innova® is proven to operate smoothly and freely for accurate design implementation, it has superior stitch quality, and the ability to use a wide variety of threads.

The Innova® is offered with a full compliment of accessories including the “AutoPilot™ ” computerized robotic quilting system, “Lightning Stitch™” digital servo stitch regulator, and “Ecording™ “ automatic couching system. Because of ABM Internationals vast expertise and technical know how, we are able to bring you revolutionary technologies and cutting edge designs providing both a rewarding and unique experience.

The core philosophy and foundation of ABM International and Team Innova® is unbeatable customer service. Our Houston, Texas based technical service department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are eager and willing to take your calls. And if that is not enough we are the only quilting machine company to make house calls. Feel confident in owning an Innova from the longest standing most innovative forward thinking longarm company in the industry, ABM International.

Traditional hopping feet are rigidly mounted and do not adjust for varying thicknesses of quilt tops. The Innova spring loaded hopping foot automatically compensates for inconsistencies in your fiber fill or for extra heavy seam allowances which minimizes thread breaks and skipping. The Innova comes standard with a laser and mechanical stylus, as well as a fabulous adjustable fluorescent work lamp which allows for incomparable visibility of your work surface. The ABM Innova is very lightweight, well balanced, and includes Pro-Glider composite non-marking wheels for effortless and complete control of the sewhead reducing user fatigue and increasing design accuracy. Innova comes standard with a style "M" large capacity hook for fewer bobbin changes and includes extra needles, bobbins, a tool kit, dust cover, and stand alone bobbin winder with auto shut off and speed control.

The unique patented rotating sewhead allows the operator to twist the head out of the way for easy removal or for the addition of attachments such as our exclusive couching system, "Ecording Multitech".

All Innova machines are equipped with a 3000 stitch per minute one horse motor. This allows for faster more efficient quilting and better stitch regulation. The strong motor is capable of piercing multiple layer seam allowances without stalling, and coupled with the patented hopping foot, it easily accommodates the bulk found in the most difficult areas of your quilt.

The Innova is a well engineered quilting marvel and has been tested in the real world through stress and strain analysis to arrive at the most balanced smoothest running machine on Earth. Innova has the largest driveshaft’s of any longarm quilting machine on the market today, supported by sealed ball bearings eliminating the need for oiling or greasing the upper end of the machine keeping your quilts clean. Many of our competitors use bushings instead of ball bearings and they are in constant need of greasing and rebuilding. The only maintenance your Innova requires is general cleaning of thread lint buildup and regular lubricating of the hook race in the bobbin area of your machine!

Nearly a Century of quilting machine experience in the commercial industry gives ABM International the leading edge in manufacturing a longarm quilting machine that is proven to continually deliver. With class leading stitch quality, no down-time and extreme versatility, the Innova is sure to please. The ABM INNOVA longarm quilting machines are shipped with our standard stitch regulator. However, customers can order a machine without stitch regulation if desired.  The stitch regulator, regulates the machine speed based on operator movement to control the stitches per inch, in and out of corners as well as in turns and tight radius's.  It is fully programmable through the PLC operator interface. The number of stitches per inch are adjustable from 5-22.  When in regulated mode, the machine will automatically accelerate and decelerate based on the quilting operator's movements.

ABM International has been providing 24 hour 7 days per week technical support to its industrial customers for decades and provides the same high standard of customer service for all Innova owners.
18” Innova

Perfect for the home quilter, occasional professional, competition or art quilter who may be a little limited on space.
22” Innova

A little extra room with the 22” Innova gives you the ability to quilt an entire 12” block set on point without having to advance your quilt, providing better fluidity to your quilting designs. This machine is a great size for any quilter and preferred by most.
26” Innova

The 26” Innova is a must for the full time professional custom quilter providing the most efficient use of your time and effort. Perfect for adding the AutoPilot Computerized Quilting System, the 26” Innova is also completely responsive enough for hand guided competition quilting when the AutoPilot is not in use.
32” Innova

ABM's newest member to the Innova family is our flagship model Innova 32". The Innova 32" is for the most discerning commercial Longarmer. The 32" is excellent for robotic quilting and when coupled with an AutoPilot system, you can maximize your productivity and improve your results.

For those quilters who enjoy the convenience of sitting at a machine to quilt, Innova also offers the Sit Down model.  It comes standard with an 18" Innova machine, three pedal multi control food pad, set in a beautiful custom wood desk with a 24" drop down leaf and three drawers.  Stitch regulation is optional for the Sit Down Innova.

sitdown thumb

View the demo

Sit Down Innova - $6,995.00

Sit Down Innova with Stitch Regulation - $7,995.00





Machine Specifications




  • 18" x 9" Longarm quilting machine
  • 22" x 9" Longarm quilting machine
  • 26" x 11" Longarm quilting machine
  • 32” x 11” Longarm quilting machine
  • Extruded aluminum construction
  • Front & rear adjustable handle bars
  • Front & rear handle bar mounted controls with start/stop, needle up/dn and speed control
  • Selectable to stop needle up or down
  • All sealed ball bearing "grease-less" needle and hook drive system
  • Patented Spring action power driven large hopping foot
  • Industrial quality "PLC" programmable logic controller for accurate stitch and speed control
  • 1 H.P. DC motor
  • "Pulse Tech" motor speed controller
  • Industrial quality high resolution encoders
  • Timing belt drive (no grease points)
  • Rotary thread tensioner
  • Large capacity "M" bobbin
  • Non-engaged hand wheel
  • Pro-glider composite wheels
  • Max sewing speed: 3000 SPM
  • Programmable from 5-22 Stitches Per Inch
  • Patented swivel head


Innova Pro Frame

Made with high quality industrial extruded aluminum the Innova® Pro Quilting Frame has been designed with longevity, adjustability and ease of use in mind. Some other quilting frames you will find are made of inferior materials and are either flimsy, or not true and square which will not allow machines to move smoothly down the length of a 12’ frame. The precision extruded aluminum tubing utilized in the Innova’s® Pro frame is extremely lightweight and rigid due to its 1/8” thick wall, making it rigid and perfectly straight. This is why the Innova® has become known as the smoothest and easiest machine to move on the market. The Pro Frame is absolute perfection and the perfect compliment to the Innova® Longarm Quilting Machine.

The 2” stainless steel rollers are height adjustable to accommodate different thicknesses of quilting materials as well as optional accessories. A very convenient and essential front gas assisted lifting roller bar allows for easy access to your batting so you can smooth out wrinkles or remove unwanted stray threads when needed. The frame is designed with plenty of free space below the front lifting bar which allows the quilter to sit com-fortably at the Innova® if desired. The two bar take up system eliminates the need for raising the take up bar as you roll up your quilt. The Innova® Pro Frame stationary compensator roller maintains a perfectly level quilting bed and ensures your quality stitches. Locking collars allow for infinite adjustment of fabric tension, which is critical for stitching reliability. Two nylon side tension clamps with adjustment straps are also included.

The Innova® Pro Frame includes high quality canvas leaders and sturdy 3/4” laminated table tops which are perfect for placing pantographs, or when your longarm® is not in use they can double as a sewing or cutting table. The Innova® Pro Frame has six adjustable self leveling legs and perforated extensions, so it can be adjusted up to 11” to accommodate your desired quilting height. Its unique modular construction allows for the addition of accessories at any time. Feel free to customize your frame with our many available options.

Frame Specifications

  • 18" Frame Layout
  • 26" Frame Layout
  • "Pro Frame"Perforated 1.5" square extruded aluminum tubing with 1/8” wall, clear anodized
  • Frame can be ordered 6', 8', 10', 12', 14' or a custom size
  • Adjustable height from 30"-42"
  • Includes Leaders
  • Machine leveling legs
  • Gas assisted lifting top fabric roller
  • Adjustable Stationary top quilt take-up roller
  • Adjustable Stationary bypass roller
  • Adjustable Stationary quilt backing roller
  • Rollers are 2" diameter stainless steel
  • Locking collars

Sit Down Innova Specifications

  • 18" x 9" Innova Longarm quilting machine
  • Triple pedal controls with start/stop, and speed control
  • Selectable to stop needle up or down
  • All sealed ball bearing "grease-less" needle and hook drive system
  • Patented Spring action power driven large hopping foot
  • Industrial quality "PLC" programmable logic controller for accurate stitch and speed control
  • 1 H.P. DC motor
  • "Pulse Tech" motor speed controller
  • Timing belt drive (no grease points)
  • Rotary thread tensioner
  • Large capacity "M" bobbin
  • Non-engaged hand wheel
  • Max sewing speed: 3000 SPM
  • Programmable from 5-22 Stitches Per Inch
  • Patented swivel head
  • Desk is wood veneers and solid wood in the construction, the finish is pre-cat lacquer
  • Desk ht. is 30 7/8", the depth closed 24" open 48", the length 65"